How To Plan a Travel Themed Party

Love is a sweet adventure!

A fun new trend that has been popping up is planning Travel Parties. This is a great way to learn about a different culture with friends, within the comfort of your own home. You can do a South American themed party and have all of your favorite foods, drinks, games, and decorations. Or, you can do a series of themed parties, say European, with a different country each night, complete with a passport and everything for your guests. The possibilities are endless!

First, Pick a Theme and Send Your Invitations

Once you pick a country to highlight, now is the time to send your invitations. This is important as here you will outline what your guests can expect and give them the time to get an appropriate outfit or help with the decor (if you asked).

Determine the Decor, Food, and Layout

After you have decided on your country, now is the time to decide how you will decorate. You may want to go all the way, getting a ton of decorations and setting up an immersive experience in your house. Or you may decide to just focus on the food and have a fun playlist in the background. Either way (or anything in between) works, but it’s important to have it figured out early on so you are not stressed out the day before.

Order your Materials

Whether it be the food or decorations, about a week before you should make those orders. If you are not ordering food in, now is a good time to finalize that menu and start shopping/prepping as much as you can.

Have Fun!!

Day of have a decorating party! Invite a few friends over to help decorate, cook, and get ready together. This makes the time before the event go by so much quicker and makes it more fun! Then when everyone arrives you are not stressed and ready to party.

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