How to Make a Cheese Plate

Life is great. Cheese makes it better.

Avery Aames

For today’s post, I thought I’d take you through how to make a cheese plate. In my opinion, a good cheese plate is essential to literally any gathering. After all, who doesn’t like cheese? It’s also a good way to add some variety to your food offering, as cheese plates nowadays tend to include any fruit, vegetable, or meat you can think of. In the video above, I take you through the steps of assembling a great cheese plate!

Step 1

Once you pick your base, start planning how you’d like the layout to be based on the elements you have. Then start laying it out. You always want to put down the items that need to be in containers first (ie fruit preserves, nuts, olives, etc) and build off of that. For mine I started with a jar of fig preserves.

Step 2

Next, the cheese (aka the best part)! Every cheese plate should have at least 1 hard cheese and 1 soft cheese. I usually also always have a goat cheese as well, but did not have any on hand today. In the video I used the Supreme Brie and the Creamy Tuscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah (both from Trader Joes).

Step 3

Now its time for the crackers. I also usually add a sliced baguette if I have it. Today I used multigrain crackers (also from Trader Joes, they are AMAZING) and these Rosemary Flatbread crackers I made.

Step 4

Then you add the meat. This step is totally optional but is a great way to add further variety to your plate. I used prosciutto, but any type of charcuterie will do!

Step 5

Add any fruits or veggies you want! Literally the sky is the limit as there is no food that does not pair well with some kind of cheese.

Step 6

Now its time for the garnish/any space fillers. Today I just used a few sprigs of rosemary but sometimes I add nuts or berries to fill in the cracks. Some even use flowers! This is your chance to make it as aesthetically pleasing and opulent as you would like!

And that’s it! At this point you should have a beautiful cheese plate which was not that hard to assemble. Once you get this basic framework down there is nothing you can’t create!

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  1. Dave Petersheim says:

    A very helpful “how to”.

  2. Angie Lohr says:

    Great job, Emily! It looks delicious and oh so pretty!

  3. Lena Mullis says:

    I love your directions…simple and descriptive!

  4. Mia C. says:

    Absolutely lovely and informative! Cheese definitely makes it better 😉

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