Planning a Party Doesn’t Have to be Hard

“I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There’s no difference in how seriously you take the job.”

Martha Stewart

Now that we’ve covered sending invites let’s talk about actually planning the party. Now, this does not mean that said party has to be a big ordeal. Even a low-key movie night requires basic planning for everything to go smoothly. As Martha says, it does not matter how significant it is to be taken seriously. Today I am going to talk about some resources I use to plan parties that make the job go much smoother.

Google Sheets

For each party I organize, I always make a spreadsheet. This is where I gather all of the information for the event. I will usually put my guestlist in there, menu possibilities, list of possible dates, a “run of show” type schedule, and such in there. This is especially helpful if you are co-hosting a party so that all of the information is in the same place for everyone.


Every bigger event I plan has a mood board made on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource as there you can research themes, food, decor, invites ideas, and literally so much more for a wide variety of events. If it’s been done, it’s on Pinterest. Now that does not mean that you have to do what you find there. But, it is a great place to get inspiration and get an idea of what you want your party to look like.


Now hear me out, yes I love shopping on Amazon. Who doesn’t? But when it comes to party planning, especially decor, Amazon is fantastic. So many times, I found an idea I wanted to run with on Pinterest, only to find out that all of their crazy decorations were hand-made. This girl does not have the time or money for that. So, often I’ll search the party theme in Amazon and find all of these super cool decorations that are cheaper than making it by hand. Amazon also has a neat feature where you can make a list and share it with others, so co-planning is easier.

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